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Purpose of Collision Estimate Services

A Collision estimate is an approximation of the time it will take and the cost of completing the necessary repairs necessary to put your vehicle back into great working condition after a collision has occurred.

Some estimates are extremely precise and other estimates are less so. How close an estimate comes to the actual cost of repairs will depend a great deal on how skilled and knowledgeable the mechanic is and how a thorough of an inspection is done on the damaged vehicle prior to writing up the estimate.

When providing a collision estimate the best mechanics and auto body shops will inspect the damaged vehicle from top to bottom and prepare a complete accounting of all necessary repairs in order to give you the closest possible estimate possible to the actual costs of your repairs.

Why Choose Ben and Nino for Your Collision Estimate?

You may be wondering why you should choose Ben and Nino for your collision estimate, as it turns out there are several good reasons why our auto body service is an excellent choice for getting your collision estimate. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  1. Our Licensed and Experienced Auto Body Technicians¬†– Our licensed and experienced auto body technicians won’t just gloss over your vehicle inspection. Instead, our technicians will inspect your vehicle from top to bottom and inside and out to ensure that we don’t miss any damage that was caused by the collision.
  2. We’ll Give You an Honest Estimation – Our auto body technicians will explain to you all the damage we found and what it will take to fix the damage and get your vehicle back into working condition again so that you can get on the road. We know that you often depend on our estimates to collect from your insurance company to pay for your vehicle’s damage which is why we are dedicated to give you the most complete and honest estimation possible.
  3. After the Estimate We Will Repair Your Vehicle – Once you have approved the estimate we will be more than happy to make the necessary repairs to your vehicle. Getting the right estimate and repairing all the damage now can prevent dangerous problems from arising with vehicle in the future.