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Vehicle Repaint Service in Brooklyn

More and more people are keeping their cars longer, which means that maintaining your vehicle is more important than ever before. Not only are more people maintaining the mechanics of their vehicle, but they also doing their best to keep their car looking as new as possible for as long as possible. Overtime your car’s paint will begin to fade or scratches and chips can appear making your car look old and worn and actually allowing for corrosion to take place.

Stages of Painting your Vehicle

There are three main stages that most body shops goes through when painting your vehicle. These stages include:

  • Applying Primer- Primer provides a foundation for the paint and provides a layer of protection that protects your vehicle from scratches and chips and allows for the paint to go on smoother.
  • The Actual Paint- After the primer then actual paint is applied to your vehicle. You can either choose solid or metallic paint. Solid paint adds color while metallic paint adds shine.
  • A Clear coat- after the actual paint is applied, then a clear coat should be applied. This clear coat will help to protect the paint from fading and make your paint job last longer.

Why Choose Us for Repainting Your Vehicle in Brooklyn

Here at Ben and Nino we have the trained and licensed paint technicians and the right tools to paint your car and have it looking like new. Whether you are looking to match your car’s current color in selected areas to cover chips or scratches or whether you want your entire car in your current color or an entirely new and different color we can get the job done leaving you with a professionally painted car.

Prior to painting we look over your car and if we find any scratches, dents or chips will check with you to see if you want them repaired before we begin painting. Once the car is ready to paint we have all the right tools and the correct paints to do the job. While we are always more than happy to change your vehicle’s color to any color you would like, we also want you to know that we can match your current paint color exactly making it possible for us to just repaint sections of your vehicle is that is what you desire.