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Choosing the Right Wheels or Rims For You Vehicle

Many of our customers spend a good deal on their vehicles and want it to look as good as it possibly can, which is why they spend the time and money to keep their car washed, detailed and looking its best. Many of our customers goes a step further and decide to upgrade their wheels or rims to add to their cars looks and even performance. If you are considering upgrading the rims on your vehicle here are a few tips that may help you choose the right rims for your needs and vehicle’s performance.

Stop and Go Driving

Living in a city the size of Brooklyn many people only use their cars for long trips outside the congested traffic areas. However, if you do drive in the city on a regular basis, the wheels or rims you choose can actually help your brakes to last longer. If you do a lot of stop and go driving (or spend a lot of time driving in the mountains) then going with alloy wheels or rims may be your best bet. Alloy wheels dissipate heat and also allow cool air to flow over your brakes protecting them from overheating.

Improving Your Vehicles Performance While Giving it a Sportier Look

Most people all ready know that choosing oversize rims can give your vehicle a sportier look regardless of whether you own a car or a truck. However, those oversize rims do more that just make your vehicle look better. Choosing rims with a larger diameter can also make your steering more responsive and your vehicle may hold the road better both functions that many of our customers want.


Do keep in mind that if you purchase rims that are a size or two larger than what what came on your vehicle you’ll also need to purchase new and larger tires as well.

Consider the Weight of those Rims

While larger vehicles may be able to function fine with heavy steel rims, smaller vehicles, really don’t need the added weight of those heavy steel wheels. In fact heavy rims on a small car can actually decrease the handling ability of your car and can put extra weight on your vehicle’s suspension making for a less smooth and comfortable ride.


If you are looking for new rims to help improve the look and the performance of your vehicle why not give the professionals here at Ben and Nino a call at 1- 718- 339- 8500 and we will be more than happy to give you the professional assistance you need in choosing the right rims for you and your vehicle’s needs. Once you have chosen your rims we can even mount them on your car for you all at reasonable rate.