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Auto Body Repair Basics

Whether your vehicle has been involved in a minor accident, major collision, or simply suffered from minor scratches or scrapes visiting an auto body shop to see that the repairs you need are done correctly can make the difference between having a car that is just drive-able to one that not only functions, but looks great.

Exterior and Interior Body Repair

When most people think of a body repair shop they think of a shop that removes dents from the exterior of the car following an accident. And while body shops do remove dents to your cars exterior including fenders, doors, and bumpers or replace parts that are too badly damaged to repair they also need to be skilled in taking care of any damage to the interior of your car as well such as repairs or replacing trim panels. While there are many people who feel they can fix small dents on the exterior of their vehicle, in most cases interior damage is best left to knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

Paint Call Cover A Multitude of Sins

Even if your car has only suffered from minor scrapes or scratches, these scratches and scrapes can detract from the overall look of your vehicle and may leave your car subject to further damage such as rust. Having those scrapes and scratches attended too and then painted to help protect the overall structure of your car can prolong the life and the look of your car.

There is automotive paints formulated for use both for your cars exterior and for the interior such as your dashboard to cover scrapes and scratches. These paints come in a wide variety of colors and having a professional paint your car can leave your car looking almost new again.

Why Trust Your Auto Body Repair and Paint Needs to Ben and Nino?

You may be wondering why you trust your auto body and paint needs to us here at Ben and Nino. There are actually a number of very good reasons why we should be your choice for body repair including:

  1. Our auto body repair and paint technicians are experienced, trained and licensed to repair your automobiles body or paint your vehicle. We have the expertise needed to completely inspect your car for both visible and invisible damage, give you an estimate as to the cost of having your repairs done and then with your approval completely those repairs in a timely manner at a reasonable price.
  2. We have the right tools to get the job done right the first time. We have a fully equipped body shop and our technicians know how to use every tool in the shop.
  3. We take care of nicks and scratches prior to painting. Some body shops simply paint over nicks and scratches to make less visible to the naked eye, but here at Ben and Nino we actually repair those scratches and nicks before we paint your vehicle so that your vehicle looks its very best.
  4. We also service a large area covering Brooklyn, Sheepshead, Gravehead and the surrounding area.