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Theft and Vandalism Repair
Estimate Services

If your car has been stolen and recovered or vandalized and had parts damaged or stolen most vehicle owners will seek out an estimate so that either themselves or their insurance company has a close approximation of what the cost of the repairs will be prior to approving the repairs to made on the vehicle.

Once these four steps are completed the technician will then add up the cost of everything and present you with a written estimate of the work that needs to be done, the parts that need replacing and the overall cost of the work.

What is Considered In Preparing a Theft & Vandalism Repair Estimate

Many of customers find themselves wondering just what is considered when a theft or vandalism repair estimate is drawn up. We thought you might find it useful to understand what goes into the preparation of such and estimate. For starters, it all begins with a complete inspection of your vehicle from top to bottom and from the inside out because there is no telling what unseen damage might have been done to your vehicle.

  • Exterior A license and trained auto body mechanic should go over inch by inch of the exterior of your care checking for dents, scratches, and other damage to the car body such as windows, mirrors, antenna, mufflers and the such. During this inspection of your cars interior, the mechanic should note what needs to be repaired, what needs to be done to repair the damage, and what parts are missing or damaged too badly to repair and need to be replaced.


  • Interior  Once the mechanic or auto body technician has inspected the exterior of your car they then move to the interior and check out the electrical wiring, the seats, the dashboards and the complete interior of your car. Again they record what needs to be repaired or replaced and what needs to be done to achieve those repairs and return your car to its previous condition or better.


  • The cost of Parts  Once the inspection is complete the auto body technician will then figure out the cost of any replacement parts that are needed as well as the cost of paint and anything else needed to repair your car.


  • Time  The estimate will also include the cost of the time it will take to make all the necessary repairs and replace the missing parts, and this amount will be based on approximate hours of labor that will be involved.

Why Have Ben and Nino Perform Your Theft and Vandalism Estimate?

The truth is that many times when a vehicle is stolen or vandalized not all of the damage done to the vehicle can be seen by an untrained eye. Getting your estimate done by Ben and Nino will help to guarantee that all the damage done to vehicle has been accounted for and that you a close approximation of the total cost of the repairs.

By knowing what needs to be repaired upfront you can budget your income to pay for the repairs and can even select to have the most critical repairs done first and more minor repairs that won’t interfere with your vehicles functionality or your safety done at a later date.

Having the closest approximation possible will also help to ensure that if your insurance company is paying for the damage done to your vehicle, that you a complete accounting of all the damage saving you out of pocket expenses later on.